Mr. Apostolos


Hello Sierra Vista Grizzlies,

My name is Will Apostolos, and I am honored to be a physical educator and Athletic Director here at Sierra Vista K-8 School.  My journey here has been a roller coaster of trials, tribulations, successes, and failures.  All of which helps me continue to grow as an educator, as well as a father, friend, and mentor to our youth.  My two daughters, Madison (a recent WCW graduate) and Hailey, will be the first ones to tell you that I have a long road of growth ahead of me, and they are absolutely correct. I believe all of us have a road to travel, and every step (forward and backward) is still a step in the right direction. “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” my late mother used to tell me.  Keep moving, and that is very evident in my approach to teaching our students, as in life as well.


Professionally, I started my career in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District in 2000. After teaching 6th and 5th grade, I decided to hang up the tie and slacks and move into an area that better reflects and suits my passion for athletics...physical education.  After stops at B. Gale Wilson K-8 and Sullivan Middle School, I built the PE program as the inaugural physical educator at the Public Safety Academy.  After 4 years, it was time to start working near home (being a Vacaville resident since 2000) and I was hired to help open our amazing school.  My experience here has opened up so many opportunities for professional growth, as well as personal connections and friendships that have become a strong base in my life.


Ultimately, my role here at Sierra Vista is more than just an educator.  I strive to be an instructor of knowledge that goes beyond exercise and sport.  Athletics and life are a Venn diagram, different experiences on each side with common threads and lessons learned in the middle where the two connect.  Helping students connect our standards and concepts with their daily activities outside of our class is a fundamental goal of our program as well.  Integrity, perseverance, “A.I.O” (adapt, improvise, overcome) which came from my time being around our public safety personnel at PSA.  These are the foundation for our teaching, as well as traits we strive to teach and emulate for our students.  We will all succeed, and we all have pitfalls, but we will not fail as long as we keep trying, keep moving, and keep growing. 

To a great school year 2024-25!

Will Apostolos

[email protected]

California State University, Bakersfield

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